Oh, Baby!
Fridays at 4pm ET

Finding out the sex of a baby is one of the most exciting moments in a parent-to-be’s life, so it's no wonder that gender reveals are all the rage these days. From colored cakes to popping pink- or blue-glitter-filled balloons, expectant parents are getting more and more creative in how they choose to discover their baby’s sex.  In Oh, Baby!, we get in on the fun alongside expectant parents, helping them reveal their baby’s gender as they share their joy with the world.  more  less

Piñata Baby Gender Reveal

This baby gender reveal is packed with love, lavish treats, and piñatas! Watch along as Ioana and Daniel share their special baby news with family and friends.

October 12, 2017

Stunning Family Gender Reveal

Kids help reveal the gender of their new baby sibling! Watch the Alexander family share the happy news during a live gender reveal. Oh, Baby! starts now!

September 16, 2017

Cake-Filled Gender Reveal

This live baby gender reveal is cake-filled and super sweet! Watch along as proud parents Amanda Graf and Gabriel Villavicencio share their happy news with the world. Oh, Baby! starts now with special gifts from Guru Guru!

September 9, 2017

Intimate Gender Reveal

This live baby gender reveal changes the lives of one happy couple forever! Watch as balloons fly during an all-new Oh, Baby! starting now!

September 2, 2017

Golf Course Gender Reveal

It’s a live baby gender reveal! Join the fun at the Montclair Golf Club, and watch as Roxy and Hal Garrity whack a special golf ball to reveal the gender of their newborn. Oh, Baby! "Girl or Boy?" starts now!

August 5, 2017

Silly String Gender Reveal

It’s a live baby gender reveal! Join us on the roof, overlooking beautiful Brooklyn as we find out the gender of this bundle of joy. Oh, Baby! Girl or Boy? starts now!

July 29, 2017

Balloon Pop Gender Reveal

It’s a live gender reveal party! Balloons pop and confetti flies when Mom finds out if she's having a girl or a boy!

July 22, 2017

Surprise Gender Reveal

Mom-to-be Erika Santos reveals the gener of her new baby to the world. Oh Baby! Girl or Boy?

July 15, 2017